Our Team


Scott Anderson Franks

Director of Creative Imagery


Before Scott received his degree in graphic design, he worked as a freelance artist to gain as much experience as possible. When pursuing freelance projects, he made sure not to limit himself to strictly graphic design jobs. In order to pursue his passion for conceptual design he made every sacrifice necessary to gain the experience he has today, even if it meant working for free. His passion for photography shows in his work and is obviously the backbone of the Anderson Davis name. Scott has been fortunate enough to gain experience in Photography, Graphic design, Photo editing, Photo manipulation, compositing, and virtually all areas of photography. From food photography to action sports no scope is too large or too small. He never misses a deadline and always takes those extra steps necessary to insure the final product is flawless.


Scott Davis

Director of Sales & Marketing


Scott is a consummate sales professional driven by client satisfaction. With over 16 years of high-end solution based sales experience he brings the right mix to any client meeting. Having dealt with clients on a global platform, there aren’t many personalities that he’s not able to acclimate to. Scott is motivated by positive end results that always leave the customer coming back.  


Katie Davis

Director of Finance & Analytics


Katie is a skilled sales professional with more than a decade of experience dealing with global marketing, analytics, logistics, and client interaction. Before joining the team she was a skilled wealth management advisor that achieved results even during the mortgage crisis in 2008. Where there is a will there is a way and she will always find a way to break through any obstacle put in front of h


Tyler Davis

Director of Awesome


Tyler wants to live in a world filled with super heroes, built with Legos, and overflowing with endless toy stores.  In addition, he would like to have a force field around his bedroom that repels little brothers and drooling dogs. As a big 5 year old, Tyler is highly ambitious, he always knows what he wants and is highly skillful in negotiating, bartering, and will even relent to whining to achieve his end goal.


Kevin Davis

Director of Trouble


Kevin wants to live in a world colored with crayons and flowing with chocolate milk rivers.  In addition, he would like to do away with the time-out chair and have full access to his big brother’s bedroom, at all times. As an awesome 3 year old, Kevin is fearless, imaginative and always obedient.  From coloring on the walls to pulling the dog’s tail, he always knows how to make mommy smile.